Why Do Men Go Bald Faster Than Women | Identify Male Pattern Baldness Stages

why do men go bald

why do men go bald

Why Do Men Go Bald Faster Than Women

Have you ever wondered why most men’s baldness faster than women’s as they grow older? Hair loss may not be as high in some men but in most cases, it is very noticeable. Some men go bald begin to suffer from puberty. Hair loss, especially from the middle of the head is very common in men. But also know that hair falls (bald) out of 3 parts of a man’s head.

Male Pattern Baldness Stages

The first Male Pattern Baldness Stage is the forehead where the baldness begins to move backward. And it can also be during the journey from childhood to youth. This usually happens after a while. The second baldness stages and most important part is in the middle part of the head. During which the baldness begins to appear while there are hairs around. The third and last one male pattern baldness stage is the upper part of the head beyond the head. In which the hair follicles begin to fade, and this type of baldness is more commonly seen in Asian men.

According to a study, 70% of men face baldness in life. However, this rate is 40% in women. During which the androgen receptors (a part of the hormone called testosterone) become more active in the root of the hair. When this happens the length of the root of the hair starts to decrease. And they find it difficult to revive and that is why men are more prone to this disorder than women. Similarly, when men’s hair starts to fall off, they fall so fast in such a short time. Baldness seems to be noticeable while women do not.

Male Pattern Baldness treatment

If the hair is falling fast, it is important to protect the hair from the roots. That is, do not dye the hair and protect it from heat damage. Similarly, using a healthy and balanced diet can help to restore hair growth and protect hair baldness. Diets rich in iron, zinc, vitamin D, protein and omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for the hair. Use these things to protect baldness.

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