What kinds of fish are good for your heart?

What kinds of fish are good for your heart

The Tetra Fish is known for its beautiful colors commonly found in the fresh waters of South America and South-North America. Tetra is one kind of fish are good and protect for your heart attack/failure. It can repair its heart automatically. Experts point out that the secrets of the fish can help treat heart failure and mortality in humans.

What kinds of fish are good for your heart

Researchers Found How Tetra Fish can Protect Heart Failure

It was at this point that Professor Mathilda and his colleagues at Oxford University began studying about the Tetra fish. Their goal was to see it in the fish that how does she automatically repair damaged heart tissue itself. Experts carried out genetic studies of two types of tetra-fish and started searching for the heart-regenerating gene.

IRRC 10 and Kaolin Genes Best for Heart

Experts note that IRRC 10 and Kaolin Genes become more active after the heart is affected by fish. Experts believe that the IRRC 10 Genes plays a minor role in this process. Previously Experts had noted in another experiment the activity of the IRCC 10 Gene in Mouse. This gene is associated with a heart condition dialysis cardiomyopathy. And the disease raises the heart and fails to the blood pump. Further research revealed that IRRC 10 also plays an important role in the compression and proliferation of heart cells that can protect heart failures.

Other Research on Zebra Fish but Not Help to Heart Failure

Now to further this research, experts studied Zebrafish, a decorative fish kept in fish homes. This kind of fish can repair your heart yourself. Scientists took the Zebrafish and suspended the activity of the IRRC 10 gene and, surprisingly, discovered that the Zebrafish had not been able to repair the damaged heart again.

Experts are happy with the news because they know that IRRC-10 plays an important role in repairing broken cells. Although this research requires long hard work and patience to test humans, nature has given us the light to cure a major human disease. If this process is possible for humans, it will be called a medical revolution. After a severe heart attack, when all the parts of the heart do not receive blood and oxygen they gradually disappear. Often the only cure for this is nothing other than a healthy heart transplant.

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