Dark Circles Under Eyes – Causes – Home Remedies Treatment

If you have dark black circles under the eyes and want to remove dark circle at home very easy way. There are many causes of dark circles under eyes describe under this article. In this article will tell you causes of dark black circles under the eyes and how to remove these circle very easy at-home remedies treatment.

Causes of Black Dark Circle Under Eyes

Causes of Dark Circle Under Eyes


Here we will tell you about many causes of black dark circle under eyes one by one.

“Lack of Sleep”

For every person, 8 hours of sleep is required. If the sleep is not complete, first of all, the black circles begin to appear under the eyes. After that, it starts affecting your mental health and you are suffering from irritation and fatigue. The solution to all these problems regarding black circles around the eyes and other mental issues is to solve all the work done on time and quickly get asleep and wake up so that sleep to complete.

“Mental stress”

Being permanent mental stress also affects your sleep and it also causes black circles under your eyes.

“Water Shortage”

One of the main causes of the black circle under the eyes is a water shortage. Drinking 8 glasses of water in the day protects from different physical problems.

“Hormones Change”

Various types of hormones changes in the body also make negative effects on the body, one of which is to be black circles under the eyes.

Tips for Remove Black Circles Under Eye

  • First of all, to finish the dark circles under the eyes, complete the sleep.
  • Do not let the body reduce the water.
  • Minimum usage of the computer, mobile, and TV. Blue light exit from them is extremely harmful to the eyes.

Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

  • Every time uses a balanced diet. Increase the use of nutritious foods such as carrots, fertilizers, etc. best for eyes.
  • The cucumber is the best prescription to eliminate the dark circles under the eye. Cut cucumber pieces and stay on the eyes only 5 minutes. It will not only remove eye circles but also increase the eyesight.
  • Another recipe is to use Tea Bag. Dip teabag in the water and keep it in the refrigerator. Keep an eye on cooling. Regardless of its regular use, you will see a clear difference.
  • Take 20 seconds to rest after 20 minutes working on a computer in the office. This is an excellent exercise of all the problems of the eye.
  • Fry both butterflies in the leisure hours and keep them on their own eyes. This will remove your eyes’ fatigue and with black circles.
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